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This site has been set up to show my collection of old communication equipment and related stuff  to more people in this world. It is also possible that devices, not belonging to my collection, will be described.
Information will be given, in a short form, about the different shown objects. Most of the articles however have been written in Dutch. I am working on more translated issues and the first result is this startpage.
More detailed information, if present, can be ordered via Contact-information.
I hope you enjoy the reading of the many chapters.



2017-06-13 -Philips, GM6008 Universal Measurement Instrument 1955.
2017-06-01 -Wayne Kerr Universal Bridge B221 with low impedance adaptor Q221A.
2017-05-27 Audio-generator Philips GM2317/02.
2017-04-21 New pictures of the "Pencil-tube receiver".
2017-03-26 - Measurements Corporation Boonton Model 59 en 59LF Grid-dipper
2017-03-14 - Headphones R14
2017-03-14 Headphone adapter MC-385-C.